Lechon Asado

webLechon arroz y platanitoLechon Asado (Pork Roast)


1 Pork Shoulder (bone in)

32 ounces of mojo (see Mojo recipe)

4 tablespoons of adobo mixture (se adobo recipe)

1 garlic

  1. Place pork shoulder in a roasting pan.  Using a knife, puncture shoulder 6 to 8 times about 2 inches deep and insert peeled garlic clove.   Marinate pork with the mojo mixture cover with foil and refrigerate over night. When ready to start, set your oven to 325 degrees (leave the foil on).  Before cooking sprinkle entire shoulder with a mixture of abodo.  Place the foil back on and place in the oven for about 3 hours occasionally basting the roast with the mojo.  When your internal temperature reaches 150 degrees, raise your over to 500 degrees and remove the foil cook another 30 minutes.  Remove the roast and let sit for 10 to 15 minutes.
  2. Slice and serve with rice, beans and sweet fried plantains.

Use leftovers to make cuban sandwiches for lunch the next day!



  1. Marcy November 26, 2014

    Love your Cuban roast pork. I lived in Miami for 30 plus years & I REALLY miss the Cuban food. I live now in Tennessee & they have NO idea about Cuban food. I want to know if I need to put oil or liquid in the bottom of the pan when I roast it in the oven. Appreciate your FAST response bcz I am cooking it now!

    • Cuban Cook December 1, 2014

      you don’t need to however, I sometimes use chicken stock (low sodium). If your roast is uncovered it will evaporate and you will need to replenish it.