Mari & I

Thank you for visiting my blog.  I would like to share with you a little bit about my story and how I arrived at putting together this blog.

My parents arrived in New York City from Havana Cuba in the spring of 1956 bringing with them my grandmother.  Along with just a few dollars in their pockets all they had to hold on to was their customs, traditions, and foods.  Growing up, we all had chores to do and aside from keeping my room clean and taking out the trash, mine included helping my grandmother in the kitchen.  Little did I know that what was once a chore would one day many years later, become a passion of mine.

I am not a classically trained chef or even a cook that works in a professional commercial kitchen.  I am however, a passionate home cook with decades of cooking experience.  Although my parents and grandmother have since passed, I still carry with me those same customs, traditions and great food recipes I enjoyed as a child.  The recipes I share here with you on this blog, have been in my family for generations and as many of the recipes you will find online for cuban food are similar in ingredients with slight variations.  Some of the recipes are shared by my wife and come from her side of the family who came from Guantanamo, Cuba in 1963. The main purpose of my blog, is to share with you those fantastic tasting foods that we grew up with.

Traditional Cuban foods are very tasty, some my even call them spicy.  I prefer to call them flavorful. While tasty, Cuban food is never spicy hot!

I hope you enjoy the recipes and the food as much as my wife and I do.  Feel free to leave your comments or questions on the blog.